Eyelash Extensions – A Fashion Week Beauty Must Have

Fashion Week is just TWO days away and beauty and fashion professionals are scrounging for last-minute beauty appointments. If you’re one of the hundreds of fashionistas who will be running between shows, JJ Eyelashes has pulled together 5 reasons why eyelash extensions are the perfect accessory for New York Fashion Week!


  1. They’re Versatile. JJ Eyelashes’ eyelash extensions compliment any ensemble, from business attire to VIP events. No matter the occasion, your lashes will surely make a statement.
  2. You will save time. No more rushing to apply your makeup before an after-party  or when waking up late. Not only can you catch up on your beauty rest, but JJ Eyelashes’ eyelash extensions naturally frame your face, emphasizing your natural beauty. Also, you don’t have to worry about taking off your eye makeup (unless you’re wearing eyeshadow).
  3. They’re easy to maintain. Your first set of lash extensions may take anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half (time varies by the set and salon). After this, you can maintain your lashes with refills, offered as 1 Week, 2 Weeks, or 3 Weeks refills. This is perfect for those who have a full calendar of post-NYFW events and want to maintain a polished look.
  4. You’ll be ready for everything. If you’re like us, you are constantly moving and gravitate towards products that will make your day run smooth. Luckily, eyelash extensions are easy to transition, letting you go from ‘day at the office’ to ‘runway queen’ instantly.
  5. You instantly look younger (or more mature). Some of us turn to make-up for a light aesthetic enhancement, be it to look younger or older. With eyelash extensions, your technician will give you a consultation, taking your desired look into consideration. Some styles open the eyes; while others give a hint of mystery (results vary by client).

So there you have it – five reasons to get eyelash extensions for New York Fashion Week. Click here to book an appointment of fashion’s most coveted beauty accessories at one of our Manhattan locations.

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