5 Fast Lash Facts

The team at JJ Eyelashes is one of the most energetic out there. In our world, beauty is defined by a feeling, one that is felt when you feel confident about your looks. So when it comes to eyelash extensions, there’s a constant battle for the best lashes in the office. If you’re wondering why that is so, here are five (5) fast facts about eyelash extensions:

  1. It’s Very Relaxing – No seriously, our clients are in lash heaven. During your service, you are offered a blanket (for those who get cold easily) and close your eyes for about an hour or so, while your technician adheres the extensions to your natural lash. And at JJ Eyelashes, our clients indulge in a complimentary foot massage.
  2. Everything is Customized– JJ Eyelashes offers two signature curls (J-curl and C-curl), which come in lengths 7mm-17mm. Our standard is silk extensions, however we do offer mink lashes; JJ Eyelashes also offers two-toned and dark brown lashes as well. If you’re looking for added depth, we also offer thicker lashes for an additional fee.
  3. They Are More Durable Than You Think – It’s important that you take the best care of your eyelash extensions. Your natural lashes have a lifecycle, so it’s OK if they fall off. We recommend clients to come in every 2-3 weeks for a refill, to maintain their fullness (especially if you’re a swimmer or use oil-based products).
  4. You Can Totally Wear Makeup – Use an oil-free products when applying makeup, especially near the eye area. You can still sport a killer winged eyeliner, but we recommend to not apply it too close to the lash line. For easy removals, we recommend using oil-free makeup remover (liquid and cloths) and a Q-tip. If you wear mascara on your lower lashes, let them dry before closing your eyes to prevent damaged extensions.
  5. Removals Should NOT be Done at Home – JJ Eyelashes does not recommend pulling out your lashes, as it will damage the lash follicle. We encourage you to come into the salon for a removal, where our technicians will use a professional removal gel to dissolve the glue. Removal fees vary by location.

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