A Guide To The Perfect Lash Refill

JJ Eyelashes offers more than full sets of eyelash extensions. We offer various ways of maintaining perfect, dazzling lashes, by providing refill options! If you’re new to JJ or want to learn more about our refill policy, we’ve provided information below.Aton mebel


JJ Eyelashes upholds very strict policies. If a client schedules an appointment after the refill date, the client will be schedule and charged for the next refill set. Any refills scheduled after three (3) weeks of the original appointment will be considered a NEW set.

Upgrading Refills

If a client wishes to try a new set of lashes, they may upgrade their refill at the time of booking.

Example: If a client has Ruby Set, but wants to upgrade to Diamond, they will be charged the refill price for the appropriate Diamond refill.

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    • Hi Maria,
      Our refills are based on the set (Ruby, Diamond, Black Diamond), as well as which week and location you are visiting. Please visit the Bookings section of our website for our pricing guide.

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