JJ Eyelashes Offers Same-Time Nail Services

Beauty on the go has been in-demand, so it’s only natural that JJ Eyelashes provide the highest quality of services in the market. That’s why JJ Eyelashes offers same-time manicures and pedicures during eyelash appointments at our Madison and SoHo salons. Forget about running between beauty appointments and let JJ Eyelashes handle the rest.

We’ve all been in a situation where we couldn’t go to our appointments as planned. For many, it’s as simple as getting a blow-out and a manicure, while others opt for eyelash extensions and a pedicure. JJ Eyelashes has perfected the art of same-time manicure and pedicures, easing the stress of booking at multiple businesses. If you haven’t visited us yet, you will soon know why our clients love our same-time services.

  • You save time. While your friends are running between appointments, you’ll be indulging in a beauty nap while your lashes are being adorned with extensions and your nail technician primps your toes for an evening out. There’s no need to wait for your toes to dry because by the time you awaken, you’ll be ready to go!
  • You’re putting in time for yourself. With many of us working or being a busy mom (or both), we appreciate any amount of personal time. Relaxation is very important, and waking up to luscious lashes and a fabulous mani/pedi is only the beginning.
  • You have a busy schedule. When your schedule is booked back to back, there’s little time for you to get ready for your day (or freshen up). The hour set aside for your appointment with JJ Eyelashes ensures that you will not only appear refreshed, but your lashes and nails are ready for anything.
  • You won’t waste time. Since JJ Eyelashes offers various services, there’s no need to go from salon to salon for all of your beauty needs. Whether you’re looking for a quick polish change or a Reverse French Gel manicure, JJ Eyelashes is here for you.
  • You simply love the convenience factor. It’s no surprise that convenience is a huge factor when booking an appointment. Our clients expressed their concerns and we listened, which is why our same-time services are so popular. Who doesn’t love the convenience of a well-needed nap, lashes, and manicure?

Photo Credit: JJ Eyelashes Madison Spa

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