MTS – Rejuvenating Skin Through Needle Therapy

As crazy as it sounds, the feeling of 100+ mini needles stamped across the face actually sounds relaxing. Ideal for those with uneven skin tones or hyper pigmentation, MTS (or micro-needle therapy) is a service that stimulates new skin cell growth and regeneration. But why is this a service you should consider? Healthy

Using ENSKIN’s top skincare products, our skilled aestheticians gently press on the skin to replicate cells. By using the skin stamp, not only do you immediately activate skin rejuvenation, but you apply a variety of nutrients to the skin. The entire process takes about two (2) hours and involves the following:

Results from the treatment can appear in as little as one day and up to five (5) treatments. Keep in mind, everyone’s skin heals and produces differently, so wrinkles and/or pores may take longer to shrink.

Oh, and for those suffering from hair loss, MTS can be used to aid in the hair restoration process. Typically, it is recommended that clients come in for a minimum of five (5) treatments for this, as the hair cycle is different than the skin. Using micro-needle and Jet Clear technology, you can restore your hair to a healthier state, strengthening the follicle and scalp.

It may sound scary, but the procedure is very tolerable. They say beauty is pain, but we tend to forget pain delivers beautiful results. For more information on JJ’s MTS treatment, call (212) 517-5522.

2 thoughts on “MTS – Rejuvenating Skin Through Needle Therapy

  1. My wife’s been looking for something new to try since she’s been trying to rejuvenate herself lately. She might just be interested in this, especially if there’s a back massage involved as you say. I’ll have to show her this post and see what she thinks.

    • Hi Scott,
      We would be delighted if you shared our services with your wife. The MTS Facial Care is actually dual action, as it incorporates a customized facial along with the MTS treatment. If you have any questions, please call our Madison Spa at 212-517-5522.

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