Thread Your Way To Summer Smooth Skin

From time to time, we get clients that ask us about removing unwanted facial hair. Traditionally, we opt to wax the area, but we’ve also introduced a way for our clients to enjoy hair-free skin in the comfort of their own home with JJ’s Threading Machine.

The average person grows hair in virtually every area of the body. For some, hormonal imbalance may cause hair on the chin/jaw line or neck. Waxing rips the top lay of skin, causing a red, irritated area that can remain red for long ranges of time. However, JJ’s Threading Machine is lightweight, hygienic, and can be used on the face, neck, back, shoulder, arm, even legs (we don’t suggest using it for eyebrow threading).

Threading Machine

Using a the machine and thread, the user will set up the machine using a piece of thread, about 10-12 inches long (for a tight finish, use about 8-10 inches or what you’re comfortable with). Loop it through the hoop and wrap each piece of thread around the prongs 2x, finally wrapping the two pieces together around the dial 2x, fastening the dial. Be sure to use it while plugged in and hold the surrounding skin tight with the other hand, pressing the button for power.

The machine uses 100% cotton thread and can travel with you, practically everywhere. Threading is much more sanitary than waxing, faster than tweezing, and leaves a smoother finish. If you’re tired of going to the salon and spending $20+ a week on a chin or neck wax (or even a back wax), invest in JJ’s Threading Machine and see a difference in your skin!

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