Beautify Valentine’s Day With JJ

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and everyone is preparing to look their absolute best for a day full of fun, love, and perfection. But to do so, one must have a smooth canvas for a luxurious night with their loved ones- say hello to skin care by JJ Eyelashes.

Perfect skin is all about hydration and being moisturized. Here at JJ Eyelashes, our estheticians give clients an indulging experience by using Yonka Paris products. With a simple Facial Course for someone on –the-go, there’s no telling what radiant skin you will use as a canvas for your favorite shimmer blush and bronzer. If you needed more of a reason to sport a deep, Valentine’s look, this is it.

Valentine's Day

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While out on the town this Valentine’s Day, you may experience the winter winds and a few dry patches throughout the evening. Rather than spraying tons of setting-spray, JJ’s signature Facial Care [facial] is al you need. Known for its vitamin-infused serums that hydrate trouble areas using Jet Clear technology, JJ’s Facial Care gives skin an everlasting glow. If you need a reason to find a new product that will see you through a night of dancing, simply ask Sarah – JJ’s esthetician.

If you haven’t begun scheduling your Valentine’s Day beauty appointments, it’s never too early. JJ Eyelashes may be closed on Sundays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be Valentine-ready before hand. Call our Madison Spa today to book your day of indulgence, grace, and beauty – a look that will last all day and all night.

Madison Spa – (212) 517-5522

P.S. Don’t forget to mention any additional services, such as nails, a quick wax, and of course – eyelash extensions!

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