Valentine’s Day Beauty Favorites

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                   Elegant Valentine’s Day Makeup                                   Photo Credit: Pinterest

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and a go-to makeup look is highly sought-out. JJ Eyelashes’ team has listed their beauty must-haves to help you get ready for Valentine’s Day weekend.

May Lee, CEO

  • Natural, Chemical Free Skin Care

Administrative Manager

General Affairs

PR Coordinator

Each office member is obsessed with eyelash extensions (okay, we’re a little biased but hey, it comes with the job). You’ll find one of them sporting a Ruby Set or a Diamond Set, especially for days that playing ‘dress up’ is key. But nonetheless, Valentine’s Day beauty starts with the eyes (in our humble opinion).

If you’re new to beauty or are dressing up for Valentine’s Day this year, we highly recommend a set of lashes for more reason than the obvious.

Tears. Tears of Joy.

We don’t want to be the spoilers, but we know that Valentine’s Day is perfect for engagements and wedding announcements, and much more. So, in an effort to make sure you look your very best (and the most unexpected times), eyelash extensions are highly recommended.

Forget about mascara running down your face and let your lashes do all the talking. We know each our favorites, especially May’s flawless skin (it really is flawless), goes perfect with a set of eyelash extensions, allowing your Valentine’s Day look to look pulled together (and you don’t have to worry about mascara ruining that killer Smokey Eye either).

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