Winter Beauty – The Importance of Skin Care

Winter beauty if often underestimated and many times, clients ignore their skin altogether. Even with no humidity in the air, it’s important to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

Much of the time, clients assume that if there’s no humidity, makeup will not “melt” off and skin will not flare up. On the contrary, winter is the best time to indulge in a little TLC, especially if you’re faced with harsh winds. When it comes time for the summer, the skin has maintained it’s elasticity, allowing it to appear brighter, tighter, and even in tone and complexion. To help you maintain beautiful, health skin, follow the below and combat the winter blues.

Facial Massage

  • Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water (green tea is also great and does wonders for the skin)
  • Keep moisturized by using a slightly thicker cream or a gel
  • Cleanse your face regularly (oil free if you’re using eyelash extensions!)
  • Don’t be afraid of steam – warm water opens up the pores, allowing you to rid of bacteria
  • Get a facial every 3-4 weeks (we recommend JJ’s Facial Care, followed by a Facial Course in between).
  • When you’re at JJ Eyelashes, ask about Jet Clear technology (it penetrates vitamins deep into the pores)
  • Use products that work for your skin type

If you’re in dire need of a facial, or simply want to maintain your radiant, youthful glow, call our Madison Spa to book an appointment by calling 212-517-5522.

2 thoughts on “Winter Beauty – The Importance of Skin Care

  1. Winter is very beautiful season of the year. Most of the people love this season. But in this season our skin become dry. So all the tips you have shared above will definitely help us to maintain healthy and glowing skin in winter season. Thanks for this useful information.

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