What is the difference between classic extensions and volume extensions?

Classic Extensions:

Classic extensions are the original form of lash extensions. For this application, a single lash extension is applied to one individual natural lash. The goal is to create a natural look by adding length and thickness to your natural lashes. Classic extensions can provide a more subtle and defined appearance.

Volume Extensions:

Unlike classic extensions where one extension is applied to one natural lash, in volume extensions multiple lightweight extensions that are fanned are applied to one natural lash. This technique allows for a fuller more dramatic and glamorous look. However, using this technique can also produce a very natural fluffy look because the extensions are so thin. Volume lashes should not be confused with cluster lashes which are sold at local drug stores. Cluster lashes have a knot at the root of the extensions unlike volume fans which are thin and natural looking at the root.

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Updated on May 17, 2024

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