Eyelash Extension Course


JJ Eyelashes is a pioneer and leader in the lash industry. Our founder and CEO, May Lee, developed her own tried and tested technique for lash extensions that every JJ technician applies. We are living proof of her success. May built her company from the bottom and we now have 4 locations in New York City and 1 in New Jersey with plans to expand further.

Our Lash Extension course will equip you to understand the fundamentals and intricacies of lash artistry. We invested our time into developing a comprehensive course that will educate you with a range of topics from the anatomy of the eye to how to manage your future business as a lash technician. We are excited to cultivate new leaders in the lash industry.

Our motivation for these courses stems from the desire to ensure that future technicians are properly educated on the fundamentals of lash artistry. We hold our lash technicians accountable through every step of the process from customer service to lash application. Lash artistry is more than just a service to us. It’s our art. We want to teach you the art of lash application and we do so with a comprehensive seminar and hands-on training.

Our goal is to have you leave our seminar with confidence and knowledge in order to get you started on the road to developing a successful business, but most importantly we want to turn you into a masterful lash artist.

  1. Introduction
  2. Anatomy of the Eye
  3. Anatomy and Physiology of the Eyelash
  4. Common Irritations
  5. Safety and Sanitation
  6. Different Types of Lashes
  7. Ingredients of Eyelash Extensions Art
  8. Eyelash Extension Tools
  9. Shaping and Lash Mapping
  10. Understanding Eye Shapes
  11. The Art of Taping and Patching
  12. Prepping Natural Lashes
  13. Isolation
  14. Application
  15. Posture and Hand Form
  16. Correcting Lashes
  17. Eyelash Extension Removal
  18. Refill Instructions
  19. Aftercare Instructions
  20. Health is Wealth
  21. Industry Standards
  22. 100K Formula
  23. Example Disclaimer and Consent Form


April 12-13 – New York City SOLD OUT

April 26-27 – New York City SOLD OUT

May 31- June 1 – New York City SOLD OUT

June 28-29 31 New York City SOLD OUT

July 19-20 New York City SOLD OUT

August 2-3 Connecticut SOLD OUT

September 20-21 Philadelphia, PA SOLD OUT

November 22-23 Los Angeles, CA SOLD OUT